“Some good results from our clan so far, early days yet as I don't think they are all in but can I just say a massive thanks to all who helped out on Cold Fell, you know who you are. Some really thoughtful people in the club who do care about others, thank you very much for that.

If anyone is out of pocket for stuff they brought let me know and I will reimburse, cheers. Really enjoyed it, but determined to be back for the rough and tumble next year for me.

Cheers everyone.

P.S. FW now has a feed station number 3!!”

Grant Law (H92)

“Hats off to every single rider out there today. Our contingent were outstanding yet again! Well done all of you. Some dazzling performances, and some gritty, determined efforts too, as the weather tried in vain to spoil things. Not a chance!

Delighted to be part of the gazebo madhouse up on Cold Fell. Warra we like??? Like to think that we as a club will get some good feedback after that. These are great, great days. Cherish em..”

Irvine Block – The Swerve (H92)

“What an event. Said about 2 hours ago that it would be my last but having a rethink now! The clubs support was outstanding could hear you at the bottom.

One guy came up to me in the tent after the event and asked me to thank you all. He said he was in a dark place but the pop and sweets sorted him out. Nice one H92”

Neil Rowley – Rowlers (H92)

“Just like to add my thanks to all you guys who were up on Cold Fell today. It was a pretty miserable place to be but at least we were moving to keep warm. As soon as we left Ennerdale bridge we could hear the noise from the top.

To see you guys and the support you handed out, filling bottles, sorting out food and then a massive push from Biggo and Kitch was awesome. After having 2 punctures before Troutbeck I was in 2 minds about getting to Keswick then jacking it in but at the back at my mind I wanted to experience the Honister 92 experience on Cold Fell. I have only been a member for less than a year but wish I had joined much earlier.

Thanks once again.”

John McGrane (H92)

“Great effort today in a great event. And thanks to everyone on Cold Fell - we really could hear you - well Biggo, the bells & the horns - a long way away - said it last year & will do so again - you guys rocked. Support everywhere - Whinlatter was also awesome & gets better every year but Cold Fell was a step beyond - would have loved to stay longer. If you're even half tempted just do it - this was my third & I've enjoyed each one more - I'll be back in 2016 (guaranteed entry) & agree with Grant let's get 50 in.”

Dave Robinson – Dr Dave (H92)

“Cold Fell Team - you were awesome.

I heard you from pretty much Ennerdale Bridge and I though "Bugger - the wind is coming in that direction". But no - you were actually making that much noise. Elementary get-yourself-isolated-from-Fangs error scuppered my time, but it was a most excellent day out otherwise. Big up to the individuals around the course and marshaling too who I suspect will have no voices tonight. Another top day.”

Leon Bond (H92)

“Fantastic performances on and off the bike today. What a great Club, proud to be a member!!!

The support was the best I have seen and heard round the course today, topped off with the Cold Fell H92 Party!!!!! Loads of groups of children with their parents really getting into the spirit of things.

For any member who is yet to have ago, it's a must. Regardless of time you really do have to experience it for yourselves. You will not be disappointed, as I'm sure any first timer today will tell you. Everyone is capable if you put the effort in. The event has really grown since my first ride, 600 entrants. Grant and others will have done it with less. So get it pencilled in for 2016!!!”

Craig Kitchen – Norbet (H92)

“I've heard a rumour ( no I haven't I've made one up) that Saddleback are getting ditched and next years Fred will be known as the "Honister 92" Fred Whitton. To all the riders - you should be immensely proud of your effort, to endure those conditions and get round safe is very impressive and something you will not forget.

As a spectator/supporter on Cold Fell the atmosphere was sensational. Is there any other club that comes close to ours? Complete strangers being Encouraged, Fed, Watered, Pushed, Mechanicals. As others have already posted there is a incredible amount of effort and work that goes into putting on a support station as ours - well done guys. I suggest we ensure we all fly the H92 flag and let's get down to the presentation evening, Lofty will be really touched by our level of support, let's not forget the origin of this great event and what it generates for charities. This year the total could go past £1M. The presentation ride is class, (unless you snap a chain), the elite lads in our club will not be disappointed with the pace, but it caters for all abilities. Well done H92!!”

Graeme Campbell – Campo (H92)

“Really successful day for the H92 riders. Your training paid off and it was a pleasure to cheer you all on.

Had a couple of messages saying how the Cold Fell crew enthusiasm really picked them up when they had hit a wall and we were thanked immensely by those riders who we supplied with refreshments along the way. Pretty sure some of them thought they were hallucinating at this point.

Top job all well done.”

Nicola Kitchen (H92)

“What a club! I've not had the best result I've had in the Fred today and missed my target yet again, however, it has been the best Fred to date. Setting off with a quality group at 7am and being part of a team all the way to Honister was excellent. The support from people all the way round was superb and the reception at Cold Fell was amazing, thanks for the coke. Thanks very much to everyone for today both riders and supporters, I've only joined the club a year ago but should have joined earlier.

Well done to all and thanks again.”

Adam Young (H92)

“As has already been said, massive thanks to all that turned up on Cold Fell today. I really hit a low point between Fangs and Cold Fell but got a second wind after seeing you lot and hearing the air horn all the way up the hill. Was in a daze when everybody gathered round to change bottles and give food and drink!”

Ash Ryan (H92)

“Massive thank you to the cold fell crew today, I had been looking forward to that pie for about 20 miles and it didn't disappoint !! All the Honister riders I saw out on route - most going past all gave support on route, a brilliant if wet day and what made a huge difference was not having to stop at the chaotic food stops and knowing we had our own personal one was a massive help. Thanks to John Brack for the banana which I had for breakfast this morning, Lyndon for holding the bike on Cold Fell, Biggo for the hug which I was ready for and Grant for the cake which I wouldn't have normally had but gave me the boost I needed, also for the assisted boost back into the fray by someone I'm not sure who.

Best quote of the day for me from some lady who was feeding me hand full of jelly babies on Cold Fell - "there 100 calories in 4 of these" absolutely brilliant. An epic club, event if you've never done it before you should just for the experience. Some awesome performances as well today from some super fit Honister lads and epic performances from Sue and Lorna as the ladies contingent. Thank you Honister 92 - also Ray with a "come on Honister 92" shout going up Whinlatter - see you on CCW !! Thanks to all as the sound and food was awesome and the amount of supporters was brilliant - well done Honister 92 another epic Fred !!”

Darran Litt Wilson (H92)

“Would just like to say a big thanks to Grant and all the H92 Cold Fell Crew, don't know if I thanked you at the time as I was delirious and on my arse after battling the horrendous head/cross wind from Fangs, without that coke, fanta, jelly babies, banana etc, I would have been climbing off at Calder bridge and phoning for recovery. Thanks to Brett for refilling my second bottle cos the state I was in I would have rode off with only one bottle 3/4 full, thanks to Irv for the push start to get me rolling again and Grant for a few quick words of advise, all in all it definitely pulled me round and got me back in the groove and over the finish line.

Also thanks to Ray and Mick for their words of encouragement out on the road.

Cheers again all, very proud to be a member of this damned fine club!”

Lloyd Thompson (H92)

“Thanks everyone cannot add anymore apart from how emotional I felt coming up to the gazebo had to hold back the tears. Well done to everyone involved in support and to all who took part on the bicycle in them shit conditions, bring on next year.

Yesterday I got off my bike and said never again, today I'm thinking what I need to do to improve for next year.”

John Glaister – Shire (H92)

“Big thanks to those who passed on route and gave words of encouragement, anyone who shouted from the roadside along the route and especially everyone on Cold Fell, I don't think I was even aware of what was going on at this point. Cheers to Kitch and the blond haired lady for topping up my bottles, making sure I got some Coke, sweets gels etc. and a big push to get me going again.

Great effort all round!”

Rob McLaughlin (H92)

“WOW!! As said above, the support and encouragement we all received from the Cold Fell Crew was fantastic, so a massive thanks to you all. To stand up there all day and offer support in those weather conditions just goes to show what a tight knit Club we are, and I’m honestly really proud to be a member of it.

I was personally getting myself into a dark place with the head wind and rain but as I approached the cattle grid, the noise from you nutters just made me smile all the way back to Grasmere, so thanks for that.”


Kev Jackson – Jacko (H92)

“Can only echo what everyone has said, the noise from Ennerdale up to Cold Fell was inspiring. Thanks to all on Cold Fell, Corky and Lyndon for the bottles, Grant for the coke, whoever gave me the jelly babies and fruit pastilles, Biggo and Kitch for the push off and Irv for the words of encouragement. As a first time entrant this was a fantastic experience and one everyone should experience. What an event, what a club, the Fred and Honister 92 go hand in hand. Thanks for everyone involved up at the gazebo, I for one really appreciated it and makes me so proud to be a member of Honister 92. Thanks to all for their support on route too.”

Kev Mahone (H92)

“Well where do you start, I echo all that has been said and thanks to all the support from the roadside along the full route. Whinlatter was a fantastic atmosphere but Cold Fell was on another level. Even though I didn't stop on Cold Fell I could hear you all at the turn off to the fell and it spurred me on no end, climbing towards you all. It was emotional!!!

I would also like to say how good our group worked together for the first half of the event. I think that set us all up to go on to great times well done all involved on the road and off it makes me proud to be part of such a fantastic club.”

Scott Teare – Flapper (H92)

“Firstly well done to everyone who rode the Fred. Every member was amazing, but most importantly the noise when you got to the bottom of Cold Fell was sheer bliss, I was in a dark place trying to shake off a load of wheel suckers who had been sitting on my wheel since the bottom of Whinlatter and when I heard and seen you guys it just didn't bother me anymore. I haven't been a member for very long but each and every one of you is amazing and you couldn't cycle with a better bunch of people, thank you very much for making a hard day a great day. I agree with Norbert everyone needs to experience riding the Fred.”

Grant Finley – Yan Amp (H92)

“Thanks to everyone who turned out to support, whether officially or unofficially, and especially to the Cold Fell Mob. I got a little warm glow when I saw the scarecrow down at Ennerdale Bridge and heard the cheers and shouts from before the corner, and watched the support the random riders in front of me all got as I was riding up to the tent. At the time, I was a bit tired from fighting the wind and had promised myself ten minutes off the bike at Calder Bridge, so I didn't stop. Next year I'll leave the daft-looking rucksack at home and have a change of bottles waiting on Cold Fell. And thanks to all the club riders for giving me a word on the way past. Pleased to see some nice times posted and some virtual podium places, and honoured to be propping up the club results table.

When I told Lofty last year that I was going to ride it just the once, he warned me that I'd get hooked, and I loved it and had a great day out. I've scrounged enough sponsorship to get another ride next year.

I wasn't too surprised to get passed by the tandems, I had to do a double take at the folding bike, and when the penny farthing came past me going up Wrynose I thought there must have been some good medicine in my last gel.”

Lorna Gold - (H92)

“I want to thank everyone for there help and support on Sunday. My brother had the misfortune of snapping a spoke about 50m past your tent on Cold Fell. The help we received from your club members was incredible and much appreciated. When it was apparent we couldn't sort the problem there and then a lift was arranged to the next feed station at Calder bridge, where he received the last rear wheel that they had at that site, he then successfully finished the ride.

Thanks again."

Andy Murray


In honour of Clive Jenkin, who passed away in 2010 from motor neurones disease.